Care Instructions

It's best to treat your moccies against stains and water marks before wearing them for the first time.

Our moccies are made from suede, so we recommend using a suede protector spray specifically designed for footwear. This process should be treated every 6 months.

From time to time you'll end up with marks and stains on your moccies - these are best removed with a suede brush or sponge.

If you need to give them a better clean we suggest a gentle wool shampoo be used.

Our Moccies are designed to be worn inside, they're a slipper not a work boot! While we'll gladly restitch a Moccie within the first 12 months of purchase, we'll only do so if we're satisfied they've been treated and cared for correctly.

If you have an issue with the quality or longevity of your moccies - taking into account general wear and tear - please contact us to discuss.

The more you care for your moccies the longer they will last!


"If they're not Fair Dinkum ... then what are they?!"